SAMI™ MAIL Envelope Inserter
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Buck Automation has improved on the industry's standard.
Our Direct-Mail inserter, SAMI(tm) changed many of the inserter's paper feeding components from the original design. We kept what works and changed the rest.

Buck Automation's SAMI™ improvements to inserting:
~ Eliminated most all sources of jams and mis-feeds, for more profitable and predictable performance.
~ SAMI™ eliminates most operator adjustments. It is now possible to achieve significantly higher net throughput with much less skill.
~ We greatly simplified the machine's design. We made it easy to maintain.
The development of our unique swing-arm inserter solutions is the result of years of research and field-testing. Comprehensive patent applications cover the elegantly simple design.
Development History
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We design and manufacture our equipment so you can have it anyway you want. A common configuration in the industry is 6 inserts up to 6-1/8"x11-1/2" max and 3"x5" min into an envelope, water sealed, and flipped over at 7200 per hour.
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