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Buck Automation has made processing direct mail easier. We have improved on the best. Most Operator adjustments and the source of many jams have been totally eliminated, increasing throughput while making downtime and waste a past concern. Maintenance is greatly simplified.
Many features have been added that allow you to offer a competitive advantage to your customers.

Our innovations start with a simple high-volume inserter design that is easy to operate (SAMI™), and continue with essential components for your operations such as Inkjet (JIMI™), labeling/tabbing(LIBI™/TABI™), Camera Matching (MIMI™). Coating (COTI™), and Die-Cutting (MAGI™)
Our products offer you an outstanding ROI (Return On Investment)
Shipping SAMI(tm) Stretch Inserter, 6-1/8" by 11-1/2", the largest letter Envelope size allowed by the USPS.
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Dedicated to increasing your throughput and your profitability.
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